Trix of Adam
Yuya Sakurai

cyborg angel....she is covered with nerve codes and dreams an apocalypse. she has the soul before explosion and DNA is about to mutate. the digital-machinic desires in bio-chip causes cramped this planet, in the planet warped by gravity, far from a white dwarf, our consciousness is wired by a thin code....the double suns, the crack becoming thin, the secret of cyborg...etc show something. this mutation moment, the arms catched by the milky way permits sex with replicant.

body=network....nomade....the tales of mega capitalism that spins cybernetics/spacetime=chromosome techno circulate and condense to one point within the cyber network spread around the world as a hardwired cobweb....voodoo/replicant intention explodes in the datacombs of interworld communication........100-fold personality....ghost=AI runs necronomics virus

cyber distopia....the death=line....the line of synapse....making a death=fiction backspin as an abstract existence in the state of schizo decomposition....the consciousness continuously exposed to the sky of the serial neuroelectronic telecommercials shows pop-cult synergy to christ crucifixion on the TV....the images of disaster calls the technihil phantom, becoming an accumulating storm....neuromantic/wintermutant....permanently keep on falling into the collapsed ground....

"Trix of Adam is the group of prophets that tells the pop-cult story mixed with telecommercialized desires and techno=thanatos. it exposes the system error of this society, the bug fatally put in this social substructures"

a priori bug. revealing hyper techno articial=future of mega-capitalism/and run a replication error=terror to spacetime chromosome docked....

copyright © Yuya Sakurai 2000-2006

Author Postscript
この作品は『Wired Art from Wired Hearts』というウェブ雑誌に掲載されていたものですが、どうやら『Wired Art from Wired Hearts』は閉鎖になってしまったようです。
「this is the punk-nihilo apocalypse updated into technothanatos future....」