Lovesick Lovedoll (in process of creation)
Yuya Sakurai

Lovesick Lovedoll by Takuya Angel is artificial roses which love to hate #DontBeSilent BLACKPINK is pigeon blood and Russian Blue narcissus I'm fed up with too many shitstorms in SNS Claustrophobia

QAnon's Canon is Apocrypha of Asexual Angel Tet in Vitnam holidays began at 12th February, 2021 Twitter is Angel Dust of NieR Re [in] carnation, in which replicant/gestalt overdoses X automata

We are Big Tech junkies. #FreeNavalny #FreePussyRiot #FreePoliticalPrisoners #БЕСИТ

Synthetic Anthem of Isola's 5ch: mode is Last Bible of a jihad of NRx VS ultra left I'm listening to Ex:Re's Romance as a memorial to the club scene that is about to be buried

TikTok’s hieros gamos is dejavu of Twitter’s ex cathedra EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME is perfectly post-Coronachan’s movie my adolescence is over NRx Samsung is Tsunami fictsexual Hangul fake news in Farthest East where Final Fantasy’s Snow Moon rises

Tonight's DJ is Michel Gaubert Blockchain's Sexadoll desires Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea Keep on dancing even when the night comes Keep on dancing at the chemical complex of Odaiba island in Tokyo Bay

A girl with violet hair who is a smartphone zombie or a self-styled prophet is Dark Enlightenment of Chrome Diva Syndrome of Hatsune Miku’s Stand Alone Complex

Femme Fatale with VR headset desires Áo dài of Proud Boys As a primitive AI of Baudelaire, I shouted the LUV in 202X’s Brexit Graffiti of Banksy of Massive Attack is deep fake made by Cosplay Hikikomori Otaku boy Akira’s Tokyo Olympic 2020 is not over

(to be continued)

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