Lovesick Lovedoll
Yuya Sakurai

Lovesick Lovedoll by Takuya Angel is artificial roses which love to hate #DontBeSilent BLACKPINK is pigeon blood and Russian Blue narcissus I'm fed up with too many shitstorms in SNS Claustrophobia

QAnon's Canon is Apocrypha of Asexual Angel Tet in Vitnam holidays began at 12th February, 2021 Twitter is Angel Dust of NieR Re [in] carnation, in which replicant/gestalt overdoses X automata

We are Big Tech junkies. #FreeNavalny #FreePussyRiot #FreePoliticalPrisoners #БЕСИТ

Synthetic Anthem of Isola's 5ch: mode is Last Bible of a jihad of NRx VS ultra left I'm listening to Ex:Re's Romance as a memorial to the club scene that is about to be buried

TikTok's hieros gamos is dejavu of Twitter's ex cathedra EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME is perfectly post-Coronachan's movie my adolescence is over NRx Samsung is Tsunami fictsexual Hangul fake news in Farthest East where Final Fantasy's Snow Moon rises

Tonight's DJ is Michel Gaubert Blockchain's Sexadoll desires Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea Keep on dancing even when the night comes Keep on dancing at the chemical complex of Odaiba island in Tokyo Bay

A girl with violet hair who is a smartphone zombie or a self-styled prophet is Dark Enlightenment of Chrome Diva Syndrome of Hatsune Miku's Stand Alone Complex

Femme Fatale with VR headset desires Áo dài of Proud Boys As a primitive AI of Baudelaire, I shouted the LUV in 202X's Brexit Graffiti of Banksy of Massive Attack is deep fake made by Cosplay Hikikomori Otaku boy Akira's Tokyo Olympic 2020 is not over

ANTIFA's Last Bible which screams in the Torrid Zone of Singapore is a dying scream of white supremacy Uber Eats in The Month of Mary raids Coronachan's NRx, QAnon and Proud Boys hot Vietnamese Tết Nguyên Đán of Nguyễn dynasty screams antifascism hip hop

DNA of Angelholic nihilism punks shout to the moon Nihil Unbound's Dark Enlightenment is THA BLUE HERB, the counterattack hip hop from most Northern area, Sapporo in Farthest East Japan under the mirror ball #BLM dances crossdresser/transvestite's S/Z is Hatsune Miku rebellion Angel Dust Chrome exhausts in the black market in Tokyo COMME des GARÇONS is Danse Macabre of Coronachan

Brand New Loveless COMME des GARÇONS is an overdose of Xtasy Acid rain was perfect purple of Xenophobia in Cipherpunk of Bitcoin's jihad Pokémon's World War III started in 2030 after GAFA Konzern raided Chinese Accelerationism Is speculative realism's God the capitalism or the anarchism? Take the black pill, not the blue pill nor the red pill MGTOW don't know love in manosphere TikTok's drag queen is Chrome Diva Syndrome

"The floor could disappear at this very moment, no one knows, and the laws of physics could change at any moment."

GUCCI, Cartier, Dior, Bvlgari, Alexander McQueen in the 90's. In Japan today, it's Uniqlo, Muji, Shimamura, or even secondhand clothes on Mercari. The sequel to Puella Magi Madoka Magica will be made next year, ten years after the last one, the same year as the theatrical version of MAWARU-PENGUINDRUM. DOM PÉRIGNON × LADY GAGA is mental female and anti-Phallocentrism Deus Ex Machina bisexual callboy falls the sickness unto death blue hair of Rei Ayanami is flapping in the wind of EVANGELION:3.0+1.0 THRICE UPON A TIME in a quarter-century Alexander McQueen is a gay born from Asexual Angel of Tokyo hallucination like Deep Fake. Poetry is not dead. There are no catches, no hosts, no cabaret girls, no yakuza in Tokyo, and If you think the language of poetry has disappeared from this country, then I'll show you that poetry is poetry, even if it's the language of a rabid dog, and Mallarmé is dead, and all that's left is Baudelaire reincarnated as a primitive AI, spinning Angelholic. I will end capitalism in the new century.

Post-Apocalypse/Pre-Dystopia I drink halcion in the midnight of sleepless Tokyo Dark Enlightenment is Hakenkreuz Hallucination which punks shout to the moon Last Emperor of Nhà Nguyễn, Vietnamese puppet dynasty déjà vu AKIRA's unrealized Olympic in 2020 Angel's wings open after the catastrophe of Fukushima's 3.11 tsunami and meltdown

GIMMICK of 19XX Apocalypse spread into crowd computer by Yakuza is sold to junkies of Puella Magi Madoka Magica Neo Nazi as white supremacy born from Angelphobia is claustrophobia in Farthest East's Shimabara Rebellion of the Trinity made of Angel Dust, Xtasy and LSD Racist AI's rhyme on trapbeet keens for Babylon as Triskaidekaphobia of lunar eclipse syndrome

YouTuber and Uber Eats are a new Dynasty's Bitcoin made by Satoshi Nakamoto, a new God of new Millennium with Blockchain and Tor Twitter is the place where Justice-holic people gather You say “I'm justice” He/She says “No. I'm justice” The graveyard of perverse senses of justice This is the punk-nihilo apocalypse updated into technothanatos future The nightmares of lunar eclipse lure the deformed fetus into the HAKENKREUZ HALLUCINATION I jamais-vu the moon through the pale smoke of Vogue AROME. In Tokyo, a city that is a fusion of garbage and Chinese medicine, I am watching the super-capitalist Game of Death in Kabukicho through ZEISS IKON with a thin smile on my face I have OVERDOSE the ice blue, I cut my chest into a swastika, but it does not become any kind of raison d'être 19XX Tokyo is burning pale white

TOKIO became like TOKYO-III after Second Impact of Neon Genesis EVANGELION currently because of Fukushima's 3.11 tsunami and meltdown and 2020's Coronachan Radioactive fallout rains and a state of emergency including lockdown is declared Cryptocurrency is Communion in the pandemic catastrophe after old normal when id loves ego like Cybergoth in fin de siècle

Sepher Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII shakes his wings of sin, crime and punishment Pandemic is also Brand New Ave Maria of Aerith Gainsborough 卐’s code:gadget is LUNA SEA’s LOVELESS 7th heaven under Babylon, the skyscrapers of conglomerate, Shin-Ra Electric Power Company

Last Emperor of Vietnam shouts to the moon Brand new Emperor of Japan looks like Lautréamont's les Chants de Maldoror Chrome Exhaust cries Noir Désir in Tokyo Virus of the moon in which gefallener Engel reignites Black Russian Capitalist Theology and Communist Atheism clone the Internet where the exhaust spewing out of the chromed pipe announces REIGNITION of Godless borg in the age of original-sin-less raison d'être Overdose on the near-future digital decadence of Desire Ex Machina Run away in the 21st century, the avant-garde of the Internet age!

Actias artemis exhausts the pale desire in Game of Death's vainglory tattoed thrill and stimulation The fallen angel keeps on screaming "Scream like vanity of PUNX as the original sin blows up a pale exhaust"


I feel dizzy while cracking ghosts without the ice blue raison d'êtres with my boosted brain OS

[Are you Guilty?]

Shinjuku heat haze...punks dressed in Bondage by LOVELESS shout "GOD IS DEAD" by gefallener Engel to the skyscraper MALICE MIZER Deus Ex Machina falsification of the raison d'être///


"Count your sins..."

Schwarz Stein is Asexual Lilith...XXX...Asymmetrical-Androgynous mobile phone like Morpho rhetenor...I make a phone call to the moon... "Ice blue, GIG of original sin, lunar eclipse...There is everything..." A gay punk with blue hair upside down laughs bewitchingly..."God is dead at the end of the century..."

Bảo Đại, the last emperor of Nguyễn Dynasty, a puppet dynasty in Vietnam, is Brand New Madness with Cybergoth's DNA in Last Bible I skateboard in Kabuki-cho which became Guǐchéng I see Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, a skyscraper, through a mirror shade as I see Hikarie in Shibuya, a ghost town as ex-downtown

Cadenza in which the billion Babel towers rise Martyrdom low-fi of full cyber jacket is heresy Loveholic Lovephobia in Neo Kowloon looks like Baizuo in Tokyo Bay which is s[K]ape:goat in SNS era Tokyo Songlines show death mask of AKIRA's Tokyo Olympic 2020 which makes us witness hallucination of Matrix in 2021 Drag queen looking like Thanatos of Les Fleurs du mal is my raison d'être in the nightmare of HAKENKREUZ HALLUCINATION Kabuki-cho, the sleepless city, is a complex of neons that gets infected the madness of blue night in Billie Eilish’s Vogue

NEON GENESIS overthrow of the Tokugawa Shogunate looks like call girl with bondage Crypto-Christian's Shimabara Rebellion headed by Shiro Amakusa is reborn in 3rd Millennium as boy doll in Shinjuku 2-chome who is an angel with seven wings in Pseudepigrapha, Sepher Sephiroth as The Flowers of Evil anime inflected post-apocalypse and digital decadence are hyper than hype and further than future in MMXXI

HYPEBEAST autopoiesis chrome dust topos overheats in smoke factory of MAGA angel BUCK-TICK Godless Posttruth Android priest holds a Kyrie eleison Mass techno-thanatos Noli Me Tangere Rosen Maiden post singularity Apocrypha junkies smartphone is like present-day castrato faith of absinthe Hypnotic Poison

Tokyo Babylon higher than Babel desert of skyscrapers Synthetic Anthem of neon rose neon butterfly drifts about digital tattoo SATORI Tokyo2021

Cult Trash

text by Yuya Sakurai Twitter @yuyasakurai

illustration by ame Twitter @amello_rain

copyright © Yuya Sakurai & ame 2021.
All rights reserved.