Cyborg Cult Unit
Cyborg Cult Unit
Cyborg Cult Unit
mixing pale cyberam=angel sun of the rhythmical orgasm M of the nano = future
mixing pale cyberam=angel sun of the rhythmical orgasm M of the nano = future
gene : <crystal of our sadness transplants to thee> in the afterimage of death liquefied-destruct
angel possessed of hologram clone.... Hakenkreuz angel that the A.D.S soul revelates X in the holy orgasm of kappa electronic gun of the city....COLDX ceramics shining white in the chaotic COLD BURN cyberam nano=kreuz future
is addicted…. a fin-de-siecle angel predicts the violence impulse of X…. pitiful self-destruct that the scab of the skin tells blue black / hallucination teenager…. revelation of a DNA leather punk still survives….

mixing pale cyberam=angel sun of the rhythmical orgasm M of the nano = future
that is right -- I was here before a pulsar mutated death, that day cold memory awoke the code of CD clone and I sensed the disagreeable smell of cult/charisma in the noise of TV channel extended from a ice=flame X cable in which the nerve of the hologram, which the pale lightning thinking fluid slaughtered in the backbone committed by the electromagnetism line of a unusual DNA mega pulsar, burned out…. A mirror shade breaks and disperses in the frightful gravity of 0.7 times of solar mass and the terminal of an optic nerve peeped into and appeared from the cracked crevice.... It is touch completely called the feedback syndrome of ozone…. The spasm of that electric Nova grabbed my body, made me ascend to a cold coma, a smile awkward in the frozen heaven -- floating ....”let’s dance….” It’s the words that I invited you….the nerve was continuing to raise the cramped shout
omega angel infinity seventh special ward < cult----------exhaust barks ------------------------------------------------------------ visible to me, the heredity arrangement of a ghost----is projected on a pale screen.…. re-loaded
it is apoclypse…. heredity record of a ghost=DNA--- it records the future / pale dot luminous point shines and forms a character-------------death-------------interfere….with ghost of the future….
------ Parasite
------ Orgasm
------ Lucifer
….The desire of a Cepheids variable star gravity double object blazes up
the present
hijacking heredity record of ghost....CM that embryo in electron-nuclei Cyber Trash into 1990s cyberam vision of pale screnetic control…. fiction goes mad in a pure crystal -- parasitism <DNA> festival space…. the ozone angel reproduced by the nerve element = mode of <hybrid> end of the century being out of order (I crunch E and get high.... the eyes shine hot with leaden hatred….) 2050 drive death / infinity memory interferes believing the capsule re-loading unconsciousness <=> the seventh special ward< cult = thrill
bluish white crystal reproduces orgasm zombie.... embryo to electron-nuclei of pulse psychoanalysis.... exhaust disembodiment…. cloning heredity record.... cybernetic CM of the 1990s, that the third World War flashes back in the noise of TV to project, is controlled by the pale screen.... -- the paranoia violence > vision which is parasitic on a pure crystal.... crossing the hybrid unconsciousness….of the ozone angel by whom fin-de-siecle nerve element = is reproduced-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult Unit